Dead Man's Country is an open-world multiplayer action RPG set in the late 19th century of the American Old West. Face the untamed harshness of the wild in a landscape of vast forests, soaring mountains and desolate plains.

Disclaimer: Dead Man's Country is an early work in progress. All shown content should be considered as pre-alpha. The current progress is being displayed on our roadmap. Follow our social media channels or register on our forums to stay updated.

Items & Equipment

All items are generated randomly. Be it from a loot drop or from crafting. There are multiple traits which separate legendary from common items: Alloy, Condition, Stats & Perks. The alloy and condition of an item directly affect its durability, repair cost and sale value. With a variety of stats and perks you're able to gear your character to suit your personal playstyle.

Crafting & Housing

Gathered resources can be used to construct buildings, craft tools, weapons, traps and more. Houses are built in multiple stages with each stage requiring different resources. Once you are the proud owner of a home, furnish and decorate it with items you have found or crafted on your travels, but you can also use it as a storehouse or workshop.

Wilderness & The Plague

With a dynamic wildlife, a realm-synced day-night cycle and weather system, you feel truly immersed in this authentic old west experience. But don't let nature's beauty fool you. Dead Man's Country is infested with a plague! NPCs can infect each other either by biting or by eating infected meat. Plagued NPCs can be easily recognized by their appearance, their much more aggressive behaviour and increased strength. That cute bunny you just walked past? You better watch your back in these lands. That lovely rodent could come for your blood!


As part of our plague system, humans are no exception to the rule! Zombies are especially difficult hostile NPCs which are a constant threat to your livelihood (and life). You can expect to see some boss-type enemies within the ranks of the Zombie horde, so watch out for the undead!


There are unique siege areas like abandoned forts, old mines and ruins. These points of interest are going to be crucial for your gang since they contain special resources for you to harvest. So gang up and claim siege areas to make your life just a little bit easier. To avoid a constant re-claim battle there is a set no-attack timespan after each successful siege. On PvE Realms those areas are covered with strong NPCs which need to be cleared first.

Farming, Gathering & Cooking

Each character starts with its own world with a dynamic ecosystem. Gather resources and grow crops which you have found in the wild. Fruits and vegetables can be used to cook healthy meals for your next journey or to reward yourself with a feast after an exhausting day on your farm.

Hunting & Taming

You're not the green thumb type? Then it's time for fresh meat! One alternative to farming is hunting for animals. Meat can either be grilled on campfires or cooked in crockpots but don't be too trigger-happy! Some animals like horses can also be tamed, unless you prefer traveling the vast country by foot.

Character Customization

Each character is fully customizable with different hairstyles, hair color, beards, skin tone, eye color and even age options. It's also possible to change the shape of your character, so let's see what you can come up with!

Other Features

Realms & Worlds

In Dead Man's Country, all player worlds exist in realms which underlie pre-defined rulesets. There are official PvE and PvP realms for players to choose from but you can also create realms and set all the rules yourself. Each realm can have custom settings such as (but not limited to) permadeath and hunger. These features can be en- or disabled upon realm creation, which allows you to enjoy your favorite game experience rather than forcing mechanics you don't like upon you.


Water is one of the most valuable resources in Dead Man's Country as you need it for a bountiful harvest. Players are able to invade other worlds for their water, so keep an eye on your wells and make sure your six-shooter is loaded. No worries, your farm will be safe from invaders when you're offline!

Posses & Gangs

Team up with your friends or join an already existing gang. It's always a good idea to have some backup from your allies, especially when it comes to protecting your farm from strangers. With our world permission system you're able to allow your friends to give you a hand on your farm or to use your storage and buildings. You can even give them full permissions if you're looking for the true co-op experience.

Multiplayer Matches

After a hard day's work at your farm you're going to want a shoot-out or two just for good fun. For this kind of game there are different multiplayer lobbies with traditional game modes like Team-Deathmatch, Capture the Flag or King of the Hill.